The Path to Your Dream Virtual Tour

Let's build your virtual tour that brings your property to life! Our collaborative step-by-step process puts your vision at the center, ensuring a virtual tour that perfectly showcases your space and achieves your goals. We use cutting-edge technology and customized design to create a truly immersive experience that captivates viewers and elevates your online presence.

How the Process Works

Here's an overview of how the service delivers exceptional virtual tours:

Consultation (Understanding the Vision): An initial discussion helps define the client's goals for the virtual tour. This includes identifying key features to highlight, the target audience, and how the tour should reflect the property's unique character.

On-Site Walkthrough (Guided Exploration): A collaborative walk-through of the property allows for assessing angles, lighting, and estimating the optimal scanning time. Typical scan times may vary based on property size:

  • Residential (3-5 bedrooms): approximately 2 hours

  • Open-Concept Office (2000 sqm): approximately 4 hours

  • Large Convention Center (10,000 sqm): around 2 days

3D Scanning (Capturing the Details): Specialized 3D scanning equipment meticulously records every aspect of the space. Scheduling is flexible to accommodate potential foot traffic and ensure a smooth scanning process.

Review and Feedback (Accuracy is Key): Before leaving the site, a final walk-through ensures complete and accurate coverage. The client will then receive a link to the raw tour, providing an opportunity to review and offer feedback.

Post-Production (Refining the Experience): This multi-stage process transforms raw data into an impressive virtual tour. The client's input is crucial throughout the process, which is why up to three iterations are included:

  • Stage 1: Scan data is carefully processed, rooms are clearly labeled, and intuitive navigation is implemented. Continuous updates allow for direct client feedback.

  • Stage 2: The client's branding is seamlessly integrated, including logos, colors, and other elements for a uniquely tailored tour.

  • Stage 3: This is the final chance to request any additional adjustments before the tour goes live. The end result is a tour that exceeds expectations.

Ongoing Support (Ensuring Satisfaction): The service provider is available after launch to address questions or assist with any necessary updates.

Pre-Scan Preparation: To optimize the virtual tour, simple tidying of rooms is recommended. The service provider can discuss specific items the client prefers to exclude. Private details like photos or artwork can be blurred during post-production.

Focus: The aim is to create virtual tours that effectively showcase properties and align with each client's specific needs. Close collaboration ensures that the final product surpasses expectations.